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Seattle Auto Show Official Guide
ne of the big payoffs coming
from new engine technologies
is that so-called economy cars
are more powerful and efficient than ever.
Whereas the small cars of yesteryear were
mostly underpowered and low on style
points, today’s compacts and subcompacts
offer features in the cockpit and under the
hood that rival those of the full-size cars
of just a few years ago.
A budget of $20,000 or so can go a long
way. Offerings come in a variety of shapes
and sizes, including sedans, hatchbacks,
wagons, small crossovers and even a few
sporty coupes. While styles may vary, they
share some common characteristics — a
smaller footprint, a thrifty powertrain and
a basic inventory of technical and safety
Many of the new breed of compacts
are addressing younger drivers’ desire for
continuous connectivity. Features include
Bluetooth smartphone links, navigation
systems and state-of-the-art audio systems.
They also incorporate the latest safety
features, offering six or more airbags, anti-
lock brakes and stability control. Many are
even adding formerly high-end features,
such as blind-spot alert and rear-view
You’ll find high mileage, great value,
style and fun in such models as the Fiat
L, Toyota Corolla, Ford Fiesta, Chev-
rolet Sonic, Dodge Dart, Kia Forte, Honda
Fit, MINI Cooper, Nissan Versa and Scion
Economy cars can be fun as well as frugal
Above: Ford Fiesta. Below left: Toyota Corolla. Below right: Fiat 500L.
One lucky winner and a friend will enjoy seven days and
six nights on Maui — including airfare and rental car — at the
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