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Seattle Auto Show Official Guide
t some point in life, everybody
wants a sports car: The young
man who wants to impress
that special girl. The successful busi-
nesswoman for whom a sedan is not the
ticket. The retired couple who still feel
the need for speed.
We like sports cars because they go
fast and look fantastic. They might be
cool cruisers, small in size but fast and
furious; pony cars with familiar names
and lots of giddy-up; or supercars that
outperform everything on the road (or
Some iconic brands have birthdays
this year. Lamborghini rolled out its
first masterpiece 50 years ago. Porsche
blessed us with the first 911 around the
same time. Ten years earlier, a national
treasure was born: the Chevrolet Cor-
While these three may steal the
spotlight, there will be plenty of perfor-
mance-packed talent at this year’s Auto
Show, including the Audi R8 and TT RS
Coupe; Bentley Continental GT; Jaguar
F-Type; BMW Z4 Roadster; Cadil-
lac CTS-V Coupe; Chevrolet SS and
Camaro ZL1; Dodge Challenger; Ferrari
FF; Ford Mustang; Mazda MX-5 Miata;
Nissan GT-R; Porsche Cayman and
Boxster; Scion FR-S; Subaru BR-Z; and
Volvo S60 Polestar.
For sports cars, it’s all about performance
Nissan GT-R
In its 90 years, the Auto Show
has never had a special day for
women — until now. This year, La-
dies Day is Thursday, Oct. 17, when
women age 13 or older will be
admitted for just $10 — the lowest
admission price offered during the
There will be special gifts avail-
able and demonstrations through-
out the day, thanks to Griot’s
Garage and The Seattle Times. Kia,
Scion, Subaru and Ford will also of-
fer test drives of their newest cars
and trucks. Doors open at 1 p.m.,
and the show runs until 8:30 p.m.
Chevrolet Camaro SS
A world-class ownership
experience awaits.
1882 136
th Place NE
Bellevue,WA 98005