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Seattle Auto Show Official Guide
e love our trucks,
don’t we? Truck
sales have matched
or exceeded car sales in the
Pacific Northwest for decades.
Thanks to trucks’ technical
amenities, cabin comforts and
new levels of power and torque,
car shoppers are giving them
more than just a kick in the
Today’s pickups aren’t just
about brawn, although they
have it by the truckload. New
technologies have given more
power to smaller engines, and
delivered increased gas mileage
in the process. As manufactur-
ers increasingly offer diesel and
hybrid options, these haulers are
getting more and more miserly
at the pump.
Ford is bringing a full roster
of its iconic F-series, including
the Super Duty and the Tremor.
Toyota is showcasing its new
Tundra, which has a 5.7-liter
V-8 engine that tows 5 tons with
ease. The Ram 1500 diesel is the
first diesel option in any half-ton
in 25 years.
GMC’s Sierra will be on hand,
along with its cousin, the Chevy
Silverado. Showgoers also can
expect appearances from the
Honda Ridgeline, Nissan Titan
and, in a class by itself, the
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
Above: Ford Super Duty Platinum. Below left: Chevrolet Silverado. Below right: GMC Sierra.
Today’s trucks combine power and pleasure
Visit the
Blue Book exhibit to experience
Your Auto Show New Car Advisors.”
The exhibit conveys the car-buy-
ing process as a journey with three
phases: Explore & Decide, Compare
Find, and Sell or Trade. You’ll see
the theme reflected in the engag-
ing brand ambassadors as well as
interactive in-booth technologies.
Try to match cars and features with
their motion-sensor screens, or test
your skills to find the car that’s right
for you by playing the New Car Chal-
lenge game.
The possibility of winning a $500
Visa gift card grand prize is an even
better reason to stop by and learn
more about and
Kelley Blue Book (