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ll car museums dis-
play cars; no surprise
there. Among the
many things that distinguish
LeMay — America’s Car
Museum, the nation’s newest
and most innovative, are the
number, historical scope and
cultural significance of the
vehicles on view.
The resident collection and
rotating exhibits feature every-
thing from high-end Duesen-
bergs and Ferraris to the Fords
and Chevys that put America on
wheels. These are the vehicles
that shaped our nation’s history
and influenced our everyday
A strikingly contemporary
and award-winning architec-
tural statement, America’s Car
Museum contains 165,000
square feet of galleries and
exhibit ramps spread over four
levels. The inventive design
allows guests to move comfort-
ably from one area to the next
without missing a thing.
Video screens and informa-
tive graphic displays help tell
the story of each exhibit. The
museum easily accommodates
groups of any size, and knowl-
edgeable and friendly docents
are on hand to lead tours and
answer questions.
America’s Car Museum takes
the visitor experience to the
next level with exciting interac-
tive attractions, such as high-
tech racing simulators and a
professional-level slot-car track.
Classics Café by Pacific Grill,
overlooking the main gallery,
serves delicious snacks and bev-
erages. And the museum store is
well stocked with auto-themed
books, toys, collectibles and
clothing items — everything
you would expect to find in a
top-tier museum.
In addition to the museum
proper, the 3.5-acre campus
features a grass showfield for
outdoor events such as car
shows, cruise-ins, community
festivals, concerts and a premier
concours. There is even a sum-
mer program of family-friendly
drive-in” movies under the
Not surprisingly, it has
become a popular venue for
galas and other private and
corporate events. A variety of
membership options makes
joining easy and affordable.
America’s Car Museum is truly
a must-do destination in our
region’s automotive landscape.
Seattle Auto Show Official Guide
LeMay museum a must-see
destination for car lovers
Visitors to LeMay — America’s Car Museum can enjoy racing
simulators and other interactive attractions.
There’s so much to see from the
world’s great carmakers at this year’s
Auto Show. Still, you should make a
point during your visit to seek out the
vehicles that you’ll rarely see any-
where else.
Our friends at Liberty Motors are
bringing back the Morgan 3-Wheeler,
which looks to be the most fun you
could ever have on three wheels. Also
returning is the Caterham (shown), the
classic sports car from Great Britain
that evokes memories of 1950s road
Seattle-based MC Electric is bring-
ing a selection of its electric vehicles,
including the ZENN and the GEM.
They offer a greener way to drive, with
substantially lower energy costs and
without auto-based carbon emissions.
The museum includes 165,000 square feet of exhibits.