Page 4 - Official Seattle Auto Show Guide

The largest collection of 2014 makes
and models awaits licensed drivers for
this year’s “Ride and Drive” program.
Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat,
Ford, GMC Trucks, Jeep, Kia, Mazda,
Ram, Scion, Subaru and Toyota are pro-
viding the new, the cool, the green and
everything in between.
Your experience begins on the sec-
ond floor of the parking garage (except
for Ford, which is across the street at
Safeco Field). Operating hours vary
with each participating brand, and each
manufacturer has its own age mini-
mums and other conditions.
Just show your ID and do a little
paperwork, then buckle up to cruise
Seattle’s streets — surrounded by that
new-car smell — in a bright and shiny
car or truck.
how me new. Show me
cool. Show me green.
Show me everything in
That’s what car lovers and
casual tire-kickers alike have
come to expect at the Seattle
Auto Show, presented by State
Farm and sponsored by, BECU and
The Seattle Times.
The auto industry is back
with a roar, and for five extraor-
dinary days — Oct. 16–20
the attention of the motor-
ing world will be on the Cen-
turyLink Field Event Center.
Celebrating its 90th anniversary
as one of the country’s premier
vehicle showcases, the Seattle
Auto Show is once again bring-
ing in the best of the best from
the world’s carmakers.
Whether your connection to
automobiles is passionate, prac-
tical, environmental or all of the
above, this year’s show has more
to see, smell and touch than
ever before. From the swift to
the thrifty, the luxurious to the
pragmatic, there’s something to
excite everyone who drives or
rides on four wheels.
The exhibit floor has
expanded into the North Hall to
accommodate a show within a
show from LeMay —America’s
Car Museum. The exhibit will
include some of the greatest cars
from a century of excellence;
most come from private collec-
tions and have been rarely seen
at exhibitions. Another world-
class organization with Puget
Sound roots, Griot’s Garage, is
featuring two of the most iconic
race cars in motorsports history,
including the car driven by
three-time Formula 1 champion
Niki Lauda.
Technology is changing
almost every facet of our daily
lives, and the world of automo-
biles is no exception. Today, the
focus is on connectivity, and the
latest communication technol-
ogy is now being integrated into
our cars and trucks. From voice-
activated controls to safety sen-
sors to state-of-the-art audio,
this technology has evolved at
an astounding pace. You will be
amazed by what automakers are
putting behind the dash, in the
cabin and under the hood.
The Auto Show will showcase
all the newest developments
that help make the driving
experience safer, more com-
fortable, more efficient and
friendlier to the environment.
Alternative-fuel vehicles will
be a major focus, with many
manufacturers offering hybrid,
electric and diesel alternatives to
the internal combustion engine.
As you’ll discover in these
pages, there are more choices
than ever, from the fast to the
frugal, from family-friendly to
breathtakingly exotic. For pure
passion, the world’s premier
supercars will take the stage
with a spotlight on the best
from Aston Martin, Audi,
Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar,
Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz,
Maserati, Porsche and Rolls-
Royce. Holding their own in
this rarefied air are American
performance standouts from
Cadillac, Dodge, Ford and
Chevrolet, including a 60th-
anniversary edition of the iconic
Chevy Corvette Stingray.
The popular “Ride and
Drive” program returns this
year with more than a dozen
great automakers — Chevrolet,
Buick, GMC, Toyota, Scion, Kia,
Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep,
Ram, Mazda, Subaru and Fiat
offering hands-on, behind-
the-wheel test drives of their
Seattle Auto Show Official Guide
It’s a great year for an auto show
Bentley Continental GT
Visitors will be in the center of
Seattle’s automotive universe
favorite models. And, for the
first time, Thursday is Ladies
Day, featuring special gifts, dem-
onstrations and $10 admission
for women (the lowest price of
the show).
Longtime sponsor State Farm
is bringing back its popular
driving simulators, interactive
games and a truckload of gifts
and prizes.
will show how its services can
enhance and simplify the car-
buying experience, while BECU
will demonstrate how auto
financing has never been more
affordable. Pacific Raceways will
have a NASCAR driving simula-
tor offering a virtual on-track
racing experience. Kia and Ford
will also have simulators, adding
up to the most driving simula-
tors the Auto Show has ever had.
As you make your plans for
this special week, join us on
Facebook and Twitter and visit to buy
your tickets in advance, visit the
manufacturers’ websites and
get directions to the center of
Seattle’s automotive universe.