Page 6 - Official Seattle Auto Show Guide

hopping for a green vehicle? Fuel-sipping, environ-
mentally friendly, with a tiny carbon footprint? The
options have never been greater; diesel, electric and,
of course, hybrids all offer alternatives to internal combus-
tion. Where to start? Look first at your lifestyle.
Diesel: Long-distance driver
There is a renaissance of diesel vehicles fueled by such
industry leaders as Chevrolet (Cruze Diesel), Mercedes-
Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Jeep and Audi. Truck makers from
Ford to Ram to GMC have been building torque-loaded
haulers for years.
Today’s diesel engines are quiet, powerful and efficient.
Their MPGs compared with their gasoline counterparts are
generally improved by as much as 25 percent.
Electric: In-town commuter
According to a recent R.L. Polk survey, Seattle is one of
five metro areas that dominate the electric vehicle (EV)
market. With carmakers such as Chevrolet (Volt), Nissan
Leaf) and Ford (Focus EV) cutting their sticker prices, and
with federal incentives still in place, the EV’s future seems
The Smart ForTwo EV and Chevy Spark have condensed
battery power into small, efficient packages. And there are
no better examples of the promise of EVs than the highly
reviewed Tesla Model S and the stunning new Cadillac ELR.
Hybrid: Feel the green
With most carmakers offering hybrid choices, and consid-
ering the enviable success of the Toyota Prius family, choices
abound for these cars and trucks that use gas-powered and
electric motors for improved fuel economy and torque.
You’ll find hybrids throughout the show. Standouts
include the VW Jetta, Hyundai Sonata, Acura RLX, Audi A6,
Ford C-Max, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Lincoln MKZ,
Lexus CT200h and, yes, the Porsche Panamera.
Seattle Auto Show Official Guide
Above: Cadillac ELR. Below left: Chevrolet Spark. Below right: Honda Accord Hybrid.
Fuel-sipping cars come in 50-plus shades of green
Tesla Motors’ goal is to ac-
celerate the world’s transition
to electric mobility with a full
range of increasingly affordable
electric cars. California-based
Tesla designs and manufactures
not only EVs, but also EV pow-
ertrain components for partners
such as Toyota and Daimler.
Tesla has delivered more than
electric vehicles to cus-
tomers in 31 countries.
The Model S (shown) is the
world’s first premium sedan
built from the ground up as an
electric vehicle, meticulously
designed and engineered to
elevate the public’s expecta-
tions of what a car can be.
At the heart of the Model S is
the proven Tesla powertrain,
delivering both unprecedented
range and a thrilling drive expe-
With a rigid body structure,
nearly 50/50 weight distribu-
tion and a remarkably low
center of gravity, the Model
S offers the responsiveness
and agility expected from the
world’s best sports cars while
providing the ride quality of a
premium sedan. The batteries
use automotive-grade lithium-
ion cells arranged for optimum
energy density, thermal man-
agement and safety.
Without an internal combus-
tion engine or transmission
tunnel, the interior of the Model
S has more cargo space than
any other sedan in its class and
includes a second trunk under
the hood. The interior features
a 17-inch in-dash touch screen
with Internet capabilities.