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Seattle Auto Show Official Guide
or most of us, the cars in our
future are likely to be more
practical than posh. The good
news is that, given all the new technol-
ogies, it’s possible to get a vehicle with
a lot of upscale amenities but without
a car payment that looks like your
Still, it’s nice to dream, and there is no
better place than the Auto Show if your
tastes run toward luxury. You’ll find the
extreme and the extravagant, the sporty
and speedy, including cars often associ-
ated with rock stars and royalty.
Luxury cars are not created equal:
Some have a dash of sport, while oth-
ers pamper with lavish appointments.
All have the advanced technology you
would expect. You can enter the field
with a sticker price that’s comparable to
a nice SUV, or you can choose a price
point equivalent to that of the house
you live in.
In the East and West Halls, you’ll see
all levels of luxury, from brands such
as Ferrari, Cadillac, Lincoln, BMW,
Audi, Acura, Infiniti, Lexus and Hyun-
dai. Be sure to take special note of the
new Maserati Ghibli, a unique fusion
of elegance, comfort, sportiness and
affordability. On the concourse, check
out the dreamboats from Roll-Royce,
Bentley, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche,
Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Aston
Luxury cars appeal to drivers and dreamers
Specialty and aftermarket
booths are always a welcome
addition to the Auto Show. This
year, several companies will
share their products and ser-
vices with car enthusiasts:
See the finest in car-care
products from world-famous
Griot’s Garage
left), based in
If you’re looking to build a
garage or improve yours, stop
Alpha Steel Buildings
Garage Logix
Accutint Seattle
is a leader
in window tinting and detailing.
Premier CNG Services
show you how to convert your
vehicle to natural gas.
Pacific Raceways
will strap
you into a hands-on NASCAR
simulator designed to spike your
adrenaline in a virtual racing
environment. You’ll also get the
on its extensive schedule of
motorsports events.
Ever thought about go-kart
driving and racing?
PGP Motor-
sports Park
is the place — find
out how to get started.
Meet the team at
the folks we trust with
the auto show’s ticketing needs.
Back by popular demand: a
massive selection of collectible
and remote-control cars.
Above: Maserati Ghibli. Below left: Hyundai Equus. Below right: Porsche Panamera SE Hybrid.