Dodge Challenger Red Eye Simulator

Drivers get to sit in, feel, and drive the Dodge Challenger Red Eye, equipped with 840-horsepower. The simulators are loaded with the latest state-of-art motion technology, producing incredibly realistic, never-before-seen special effects.

Ford Performance Simulator

State-of-the-art ride that allows you to experience the thrill and action of a world-class racing vehicle. Test your driving skills while experiencing this challenging virtual road course.


This activation will leverage a brand new custom Hyundai Forza 7 Game Sled, featuring the Hyundai Veloster which will provide attendees with a realistic racing experience they will feel in their fingertips and seat of their pants!

Military Vehicles

With support from the Washington State National Guard, several military vehicles will be on display in the North Hall of the Seattle International Auto Show. Get an up-close view of a real-life Stryker and Satellite Communications Truck and have an opportunity to speak with current military service members.

Hank the Robot

Talking robots at the Auto Show? Hank is Ford’s animatronic robot who is there to engage with young children and those who are young at heart. Hank is bright blue and silver, and has the resemblance of the famous C3PO from Star Wars. We would argue that he is a distant relative, perhaps a great, great, great grandson. Hank was named after the founding father of Ford, Henry.