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Hyundai Close to Making Wireless EV Charging a Reality

Physically plugging your Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV into a charging station could become a thing of the past, as according to a patent, discovered by CarBuzz at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Hyundai has devised a way to perform high-speed and efficient wireless EV charging.

First, let’s take a quick and highly simplified look at how wireless charging works, using your phone as an example. Wireless charging uses electromagnetism as its energy transfer medium between a base (the wireless charging pad) and a receiver (your phone). The base and receiver both contain large numbers of wire coils wrapped around individual ferrite (magnetizable) cores. When the base is energized by connecting it to an alternating current power source, it generates a rapidly alternating magnetic field which is mirrored by the receiver to generate energy. Hyundai believes this technology is worth developing, despite numerous problems with upscaling the concept from its current mobile device incarnation. To make it happen, they’ve employed some very high-tech methods. Click here to learn how Hyundai is making wireless EV charging a reality.